Is mobile the only way to play the game?

I don't see it as an app on facebook, but was hoping there would be some way to play other than mobile. I like the game and want to play more often however my phone gets so hot I can't even touch it when playing for more then 10 mins at a time. Not to mention the game drains my battery faster then anything else I play.


  • Yep, you can easily play it using an android emulator, your progress will also be synced to your phone of course icon_e_smile.gif
    EDUSAN Posts: 197 Tile Toppler
    i've try using android emulators toplay on my pc, but for some reason the game crashes there (im sure it has something to do with the emulator itself and no with the game of course)
  • Dimh
    Dimh Posts: 50 Match Maker
    Game runs ok on Andy (android tablet emulator), but suffers from the difficult touch screen mechanics.
  • Ya I've been running it on Andy on occasion and found it painful to pickup touch movements sometimes which leads to me pressing my mouse key and dragging a million times on occasion icon_e_smile.gif
  • Never tried that emulator but it works 100% on Genymotion, it's super smooth and it doesn't crash icon_e_smile.gif