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Hi everyone,

I compiled a glossary/list of keywords up on my site.

I know some of the wording is just made up and I am not 100% sure if I described it well or even logically icon_e_smile.gif I could also use images of deathtouch and hexproof. If you have cards with these icons, send them over to me and I will create icons to put on that page. Thanks!


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    Great addition! Thanks night_day
  • I wanted to note that the laurels occur after renown occurs.

    Renown (the property) has no indicator.

    The laurels are the "renowned" indicator which means that renown has triggered and the card has received +X/+X, and can no longer receive any further renown bonus.

    Also hexproof in this game means that it is simply unaffected by enemy spells, not just it cannot be targetted. So AoE stuff and "all creatures" stuff also do not affect it, making it a tad more powerful than in MTG.

    Also Vigilence is spelled incorrectly. Also might want to note that a flying creature with vigilance will count as having reach.

    The text explaining double strike has a typo. Also may want to indicate that just like first strike, if the first hit kills the enemy, no retaliation occurs.

    Also might want to indicate that two creatures with double/first strike will retaliate at the same time.

    EDIT: here is deathtouch

    It is the one that looks like an octopus skull.
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    This is really helpful.

    Deathtouch will still trigger even if the creature with it has 0 power, so it should read: kills all creatures blocking or blocked by this creature. Unless that is a bug, in which case please fix it! Jace compels you....