AstonishngXmen - Open Recruiting

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AstonishngXmen with one "I" is now open for recruiting. 

There is no "I" in team but there is an "I" in win, plus that's all the letters the game would allow us to make for an alliance name icon_lolgif

Join those who remember the "Age of Apocalypse". Open to new mutants, veterans, and mercs alike. Only requirements at this time are that you are daily active, full progression in PVE, full participation in Boss Events, and to please leave notice if you need to be gone for greater than 1 week. If you happen to be gone for greater than that time without notice, you are subject to removal from the alliance.

We've been a casual guild for some time and I really haven't enforced participation, however, starting today and moving forward, all new additions are subject to the above requirements.  I would like to start seeing an increase in at least PVE participation from current members. That being said, our alliance has at least 3 people who are full progression players. I'd like to slowly add more as people continue to fall out of our now private alliance.

Message me here or via Discord to join

ThanX for joining!

Commander MadStryfe

Discord: MadStryfe



  • zooink2018
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    Hi. I am interested to join. Already sent request and pending approval. I am fairly active in PVE with almost always full progression and I definitely go all out during alliance events. Hope to be able to join the team :)
  • JimboJambo
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    I would like to join, I play every day, full progression in pve and I always play alliance events.
  • MadStryfe
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    3 spots for more than casual players. Our alliance will be clearing round 7 at the end of the Thanos event. Find me on Discord or Message me here. 

    Commander - AstonishngXmen 
    Discord: MadStryfe