Beta site up for searchable card database

Hey everyone!

I've created a searchable card database for the game at

I say it's beta as I know I don't have close to the complete set of cards right now, but I've been focused on getting the site up and running first. The next few weeks I will focus on getting as many cards as I can into the database. (If you want to send me screenshots to add to the database, use the contact form on the site. Thanks!)

Please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or comments. Thanks!


  • void
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    Nice work! I'll send you some of the cards that are missing.
  • Blahahah
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    I like it.

    My only issue is certain cards: Possessed Skabb, Blood knight, and Blazing Hellhound, are all multi-colored and thus don't fit into the structure list you have.
    Maybe another section is needed for multi-colored cards?
  • Tarouza
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    I've had some luck with some blue rares. Is there anywhere I can email you a couple of them
  • @Blahahah they should show up on both color lists, I screwed up the data entry on the Blazing, but Irooas Champion you can see show in both. Ya showing all the clans in that master list might be a pain, not sure if that is the best solution, I will give it some thought.

    @Tarouza there is a form under Contact on the web site you can send screentshots. Thanks!
  • Here is a link to a web directory of screen caps I've taken of 95% of my cards. Sorry, I've not had a chance to rename most of them.
  • Morphis
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    Nice work
    2 errors I found so far:
    - call of the full moon is in colorless instead of red
    - steamroller is in white instead of color less

    Will add more as I find out.
  • @Morphis good catches, updated

    @rlh thanks for those scans, I'll be adding something like 25 out of there.

    I just bought a bunch of Google Play credits so I'll be whaling on some packs and updating even more cards this week, thanks for the feedback so far everyone!
  • If you set up a simple form for submissions people could help!
  • @pandabear

    The contact page acts as a submission form for now. I haven't coded up some good image resizing features yet, so best to use the contact form and then I can do all the resizing properly. Thanks for the tip.
  • Reviewed your list and here are some cards I have that are not on your list.

    Blood-Cursed Knight
    Despoiler of Souls
    Fetid Imp
    Graveblade Marauder
    Tainted Remedy
    Thornbow Archer
    Touch of Moonglove

    Alhammarret, High Arbiter
    Bounding Krasis
    Clash of Wills
    Displacement Wave
    Harbringer of the Tides
    Jace's Sanctum
    Mizzium Meddler
    Thunderclap Wyvern

    Bounding Krasis
    Citadel Castellan
    Conclave Naturalists
    Mantle of Webs
    Skysnare Spider
    Sylvan Messenger
    Titantic Growth
    Undercity Troll
    Vastwood Gorger

    Act of Treason
    Boggart Brute
    Embermaw Hellion
    Enthralling Victor
    Fiery Impulse
    Mage-Ring Bully
    Seismic Elemental
    Skyraker Giant
    Thopter Engineer

    Ampryn Tactician
    Anointer of Champions
    Blessed Spirits
    Blood-Cursed Knight
    Citadel Castellan
    Hallowed Moonlight
    Healing Hands
    Knighly Valor
    Patron of the Valiant
    Relic Seeker
    Swift Reckoning
    Thunderclap Wyvern
    Totem-Guide Hartebeest
    War Oracle

    Battlefield Forge
    Brawler's Plate
    Chief of the Foundry
    Evolving Wilds
    Llanowar Wastes
    Mage-Ring Network
    Mage-Ring Responder
    Prism Ring
    Rogue's Passage
    Shivan Reef
    Sigil of Valor
  • 6 new red cards missing from your list including ingame screenshots:

    Quick card list:
    - Bellows Lizard
    - Embermaw Hellion
    - Exquisite Firecraft
    - Fiery Impulse
    - Flameshadow Conjuring
    - Prickleboar

    @EDIT: Just noticed you have a contact form for this kind of stuff on the website, I sent you I copy of this through the website too icon_e_smile.gif
  • Thanks for everyone who's helped contribute images so far, I just completed a massive update, we're up to 184 cards now. Would be nice to know how many there actually are to have something to aim for! I have a bunch of submissions to sort through and add, but gotta spend some time with the family during Christma, hopefully can have another update in a few days!
  • BlackSheep101
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    I appreciate the work you're doing for everyone's benefit. Merry Christmas!
  • Keep up the good work icon_e_smile.gif Yeah it would be nice to know how many cards are actually in the game.

    Here I come with another bunch of new cards:

    Screenshots gallery:

    Conclave Naturalists
    Yeva's Forcemage

    Relic Seeker
    Suppression Bonds

    Turn to Frog

    Tormented Thoughts

    Possessed Skaab

    I'll send you this as an email too just like last time with some more info I want to give you icon_mrgreen.gif
  • Hey everyone! Massive update just completed, we've got 238 cards in the database now!!!! I updated a bunch from someone who posted a list on Reddit, but no screens for them, but still good to have the data in there. I think based on what there is in the DB right now, we can probably guess for each color there is

    5 Mythics, 10 Rares, 20 Uncommons, 20 Commons? Really not sure except the counts for Mythics/Rares is probably right.

    We're getting there, community has been great considering we're all so new to the game. Thanks for all the contributions!
  • Added some mouseovers on the keywords, hope that is helpful! Still looking for those last few cards to finish off the database, I'm trying to save up for the 14 pack bundle!
  • A huge THANK YOU for adding that glossary. I haven't played the original MtG in over 15 years so I couldn't recall what anything meant!

    I always hate to ask for features on hobby projects like this, but since it might be easier to update now, rather than later, can you add a search feature where you can search for cards by skills (i.e. Haste, Trample, Flying, etc.)?

    Thanks again for the hard work. 238 is a lot of cards! I'm going to assume/guess their are 250 of them so you might be near finished!
  • Some things I noticed:

    Fleshbag Marauder (B) is incorrectly labeled as rare.
    Gaea's Revenge (G) is incorrectly labeled as rare.
    Bonded Construct (C) is incorrectly labeled as rare.

    I'm sending over some pictures shortly of missing cards...

    Molten Vortex (R)
    Chandra's Ignition (R)
    Outland Colossus (G)
    Orbs of Warding (C)
    Alhammarret's Archive (C)
  • Thanks for the update images! I've updated those.

    I've also added the abilities search in the advanced search feature. (Also fixed a bug someone reported but they didn't provide email/contact - fixed it for you though!)

    I am now working on user login/deck tracking as the next big feature set, although that will be awhile before you see that! Also would like to finish off all the remaining cards so if anyone has any missing ones let me know!
  • 2 new cards + 1 screenshot for a card available on the site without image


    Conclave Naturalists
    Prism Ring
    Displacement Wave (This one is already on the website but without a screenshot, you called it just "Displacement", got to fix the card name too)

    The site is looking great btw icon_e_smile.gif