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It was my understanding that this game allowed cross play between operating systems, just like Marvel Puzzle Quest. Speaking with IceIX, this seemed confirmed, which is what makes the following quite confusing.
Greetings D3 Go! Customer,

Thank you for contacting D3 Go! Customer Support.

We deeply apologize for the erroneous response we had sent previously, it seems we had the wrong game in mind when referring to your ticket.

Unfortunately, Facebook Accounts for Magic: Puzzle Quest are currently not cross-platform compatible. The developers have been informed of your request. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience.

Regarding the issue, we can offer a one-time transfer with your consent. This will transfer the data from one device onto the other. Please keep in mind that this does not synchronize your two devices, and you will still be unable to play the game on both devices. However, this will allow you to change to the device you would prefer to use.

In order to proceed, we will require the following information:

1.) A Screenshot of the UID for the Device you wish to transfer to.
2.) A Screenshot of the UID for the Device you wish to transfer from.

Regarding the required information, please be sure to clarify the UID you wish to transfer to and transfer from as to prevent any confusion. Afterwards, your ticket will be escalated for the account transfer.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us again.

So..... huh? We really can't play between systems? The solution given leaves a lot to be desired...


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    Has anyone else tried to play the same save between operating systems?