Function of token creatures.

I used to play a massive amount of MTG, and tokens are a great mechanic. In this game, token creatures merely reinforce each other. If I get 4 2/2 soldier tokens, why not just give me a single 8/8 soldier? I may just be tired, but I cant really think of a situation where the token creatures wont just reinforce into one big critter.


  • You are correct, they will always simply reinforce to make one large creature. Bouncing tokens is even better in this game than in the real card game.

    PS - Nice username, hope to see him in the game sooner than later.
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    Multiple "comes into play" effects can trigger (Angel's Tomb springs to mind), but other than that it does seem silly. Maybe later there will be things that require a reinforced creature or will trigger only when a creature is reinforced?
  • Maybe, but yes, angel's tomb is great for that.

    Assuming you either have haste or at least 1 thopter already, you can sac your hangarback walker (blue bounce, black sac, red DD, white disable + swift reckoning, green sadface) for a whopping +32/+32 fat stack of death on one turn.

    GG ^^

    Supreme overkill of course, but emminently satisfying.
  • Oh yeah, I've had enter play effect trigger off tokens, good point. It does feel a bit odd though. Thanks for the input!
  • but my opinion is that, when multiple tokens of the same kind enter the battlefield, can you skip a bit the effect.

    so that the game go a bit smoother, it's really sad when like 8 same token entering the battlefield...... icon_e_confused.gif
  • Tokens do work differently in this game, but besides the sick ETBT interactions, I think the other reason that tokens enter separately is so that multiple cards that put the same tokens can reinforce each other. For instance, every single one of the many cards that produce Thopter tokens help each other to put a huge stack, and because Tokens have to have the same name (and thus, likely the same pow/tou) they need to have a baseline to then be able to reinforce properly
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    In my mind, it's two things.
    1) Magic is pretty big on thematic matches between a creature and its power/toughness. I wouldn't say that this game has been fully congruent with that approach, but it's just a truism that token soldiers are 1/1, knights are 2/2, etc. An 8/8 knight (Gideon's Phalanx) would be some kind of crazy transdimensional wurm with a Halberd.
    2) I think the idea is to make decks designed around pumping one of your three board slots with a particular type of token.
    I'm not sure the cards exist to make that deck idea really work in most cases, though. Maybe thopters? The natural drawback on that style of deck is that the token slot has no abilities.