"Autoplay" Functionality

First off I very much enjoy this game.

I'd like to suggest an "autoplay" feature. Basically, what this feature does is automatically makes switches (Whatever the hint would say to make, just make that). It could use first-available abilities, or just not use any at all.

The point is that this feature would not let you beat levels in the campaign that are difficult, but helps reduce the grinding when you go back to pick up those last items from the prologue on trivial/easy levels. Effectively, you're going to fight less efficiently and take more damage with the trade-off being you don't have to press anything beyond starting the level and turning this on. This would make it only make sense to do this on trivial/easy levels.

It would make the game just a bit more fun and reduce what I feel is the worst part, which is the grind to get everything off of a campaign level (Without increasing drop rates).