Balancing cascade effects

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One thing that I think could use some balancing is cascade effects.
Usually a player can predict to get a "2 chain effect" or even a "3chain effect".
That is good, a sign of skill in this game.
What I do not like is when totally out of luck you or your opponent manage to get something like a 5 chain combo, unleashing all your hand in the field and giving almost no chance at all to your opponent to come back in play.
So what I suggest is to give diminishing returns to the color/planeswalker matches starting from the third match in a row onward.
Actual method or numbers can be discussed/adjusted.
To make an example let's say that the amount is reduced by 1 at each step and cannot go under 1.
Then the player gets a 4 chain that would give him the following mana:
4 + 5 + 3 + 4

With diminishing returns proposed it would become: 4+ 5 + 2 + 2
Reducing the mana gained by 3 total.
As I said numbers and logic can be tweaked but some way to reduce the benefit of "excessive luck" should be implemented.
If this needs a little card cost reduction here and there for balancing, that could be done too.(but I do not think that would be the case).


  • Hmm, I just chalk it up to bad luck. It happens.

    Just like in magic you can end up with a great hand and dead draws. Or you can get a bad beat with a 99% chance to win in poker. Oh well.

    Part of the skill in the game is building a deck that minimizes the chances of that. Similarly, in MtGPQ, part of the skill is minimizing the effects of enemy cascades. This usually means controlling the board (no matter how many creatures they get out) and also having efficient counters.

    I've won many games where the enemy has all 3 of their starter cards out before I can even play a single one. I've also lost several of them, but that is just how it goes.

    I think nerfing cascades takes away from the game and will diminish the "ooo-aah" kind of feeling you get when it cascades in your favor. It would also overcomplicate things and people would wonder where their mana went.

    I don't think this change is necessary.
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