What to do when stuck in story progress?

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So I can't for the life of me pass Ebermaw Hellion. I've made really good and quick progress up until then, mostly using Nissa, but now I simply can't beat this level. Nissa is level 28 and I have decent cards, including a regen mythic. But hellions ability to shut out my first card is keeping me from beating it. Everytime I put a second attacker the ai throws in something that kills that one too.

I've also tried Jace, who's only at level 14 and I have two mythical for him, but also no luck.

Point is, this game has gone from incredibly engaging to unplayable now until I beat that level. I need to level up my other planes walkers but only getting 50 runes at a time from replays of previous levels or quick battles is much too slow to level anyone respectably.

does anyone have suggestions on who to use and what specific decks? I have a lot of rares and 5 mythics but it's all useless with such low level planes walkers icon_e_sad.gif


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    Not sure if this is of any help but I cleared the encounter with Liliana by first stacking the board with good support boosts while keeping his side clear with removal spells. Basically stalling and burning away its options with the Corrupt skill until I was able to drop a Graveblade Marauder with flight and regen and go to town.

    Unfortunately my knowledge of the other Planeswalkers is a bit limited but could Chandra work if you keep his minions busy with your own while chipping away the enemys health with your direct damage abilities? Have you tried a hyper aggressive rush down strategy with Nissa? Maybe just vomiting out your hand and filling the board with few choice support cards active overrides the Hellions ability to chip away your minions one by one?

    Just as a heads up, you are starting to reach the point in the story where encounters get a lot less fun and more punishing, most of the time in Chapter 3 I felt like I won merely through playing my deck the way it's supposed to be played and getting lucky in few key points in the fights.
  • What does this guy do again?
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    Once they start messing with your creatures, it becomes apparent that Nissa sucks in this. Early on in chapter 2 I switched to Chandra who is better in this game. If you have iroas champion and a couple direct damage spells, you can keep most opponents from doing any damage to you. A level 10 Chandra will beat a level 20 Nissa hands down.
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    pandabear wrote:
    What does this guy do again?
    Deal 3 on your minion. Don't remember if it was always the first one.
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    If you're not in dire need of anything in your hand, you can slow down the hellion by taking the manapw.png off the board. I remember wiping the first time I ran into this guy, but making a more aggressive deck and focusing on mitigating its ability let me get past the fight quickly.
  • Yea, drop something with regen, and get support items to buff it.

    The troll is a good choice for Nissa, for Liliana you can use her +2/+2 + flight + regen2 spell on a creature.

    Also remember you can hold creatures, and he can only kill one a turn. If you save up 3 creatures, you can have at least 2 of them do damage, instead of having them die one by one.
  • Thank you for the responses, I've been trying to level up my Chandra now but it's such slow going when you can only win 50 runes at a time in previous matches or quick battle. That's my real frustration with this game, is that once you're stalled in story progress there's no feasible way to earn runes to level anyone else up to get a shot. I'm used to mpq where there's multiple modes and always a way to earn ISO even if your stalled in pve.

    I'm assuming the game will eventually have other methods of earning runes, but until then :/ I really wish I'd been aware of this or I would t have dumped all of my runes into Nissa and spread them out amongst all the planeswalkers. But I digress.

    Gonna give Nissa another try, as well as the holding cards back and denying manapw.png . It'll feel awesome when I do beat this level.

    Edit - also, what exactly does flight do? I've figured out most of the other attributes but not that one yet
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    Edit - also, what exactly does flight do? I've figured out most of the other attributes but not that one yet
    Flight ignores defender without reach.