Event Ideas and Game improvements

I think that they should have planeswalkers specific events corresponding to you being able to win cards with that colour. Also for the vault have mana crystals to be able to purchase a guaranteed rare or mythic card for a set price. Make it so that if people just want rares and mythics, they will have to pay for them.

Would love to hear people's thoughts or improvements with the game.


  • Rootbreaker
    I'd like these ribbons I've won through quick match to be able to be used for something!
  • raidan
    raidan Posts: 128
    It would be nice if they made it so you could sell duplicate cards for runes/crystals. It could look something like this:

    Common: 10 runes
    Uncommon: 25 runes
    Rare: 5 crystals or 50 runes
    Mythic 10 crystals or 100 runes

    It's not a significant amount, but it would make getting duplicates seem a bit less harsh, while also making getting duplicate rares/mythics less annoying.

    As for events:

    I would suggest several different color-themed events that you have to use a specific color for. This would promote using all the deck colors.

    I too agree that a use for the ribbons would be nice, but if a use can not be implemented, it would be nice to get a 1 for 1 crystal exchange for the ones already earned.