Stop automatic card casting

I just noticed that during a game you can highlight the round icon for a card (or dehighlight) by pulling out your hand and tapping the round icon above cost. It seems that default is highlighted. This stops the card from being automatically cast. This is helpful for some side quests.


  • Yep, I think the tutorial mentions that option.

    Can I ask about another automatic feature? Is there any way to turn off the AI "hints"? It drives me nuts when the AI suggests a match for me. I want to play using my own brain.
  • wirius
    wirius Posts: 667
    Spock, you could view the challenge of finding the correct match before the AI gives you a hint your brain workout. =P
  • void
    void Posts: 65
    But most of the time you still have to find the correct match even after AI has given you a hint...
  • LoL, I suppose, warius. But I'd rather have the option to think about the puzzle at my own pace, without any AI prompting at all! I feel like a chimp when the AI makes a suggestion and I follow it. I think to myself, "OK, I'm pushing a button suggested by a machine. How is this fun?"