Deck editor issues

I'd post these in teh bugs section but they don't seem like bugs, just bad implementation.

So there are a lot of points during the game where you get new cards or are in the deck editor and swapping Card A for Card B and you are not allowed to see what the card does. When building a deck from scratch you can see what the card does and then add it but when swapping you can not see the card you are swapping in or the one you are swapping out.

When swapping cards if you change your mind and decide you don't want to swap, you can't. You are forced to swap and then go back and swap back.

After you select a planeswalker and click the deck button your only options is to edit the deck or "quick change" cards.. you can't just not edit the deck.

Once you have selected a planeswalker the middle of the screen becomes black and you just BARELY see the planeswalkers name up in the top right corner and the buttons about 3/4's of the way down the screen with no way I can see to back out to where you can see the planeswalker selection.

I'm on iOS.


  • One more thing, when leveling a planeswalker can we get it to we can just level up to the next level? holding down that button wastes XP we could spend elsewhere or hold onto, unless that was the intent, to make us waste XP.
  • Natsufan01
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    When swapping cards there is an X in the upper right to close that screen without swapping.

    When selecting a planeswalker, there is no specific way to go back, but you can always hit the menu button in the top left to get back to playing.
  • I am having a similar problem when trying to add creatures. Every time I try and hit the x it removes the card. Help please?