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Just curious about this. I used my 200 Crystals that I earned from playing the Story to buy a Fat Pack. I claimed 2 out of 4 and went to my deck to make some edits only to come back to not being able to claim my last two packs! Is this a bug or do I lose my packs once I leave that screen? I would think it should at least keep the other two in the vault for me to open later or something. Any idea?



  • I could be mistaken, but I think they claim automatically and just enter your inventory.

    I had this happen to me, and I swear I had new cards in the inventory screen I didn't remember getting. I could be very wrong though.
  • I hope that's the case. I would be kind of bummed out knowing I missed out on two packs and pretty much just wasted half my crystals. icon_e_sad.gif
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    Would be really good to get an answer to this.

    I bought a Big Box with 600 crystals and I think I had about 5 or 6 packs still to open when I checked another screen. Came back to the vault and couldn't open the packs.

    If everything was automatically opened and went to the inventory that would put my mind at rest...would hate to have lost those packs/crystals. icon_e_sad.gif
  • I had exactly the same thing. I saved up 600 gems, bought the big box, opened precisely 1 pack and then switched screen and appeared to have lost all the other packs. Looking at my card count it does seem to have gone up quite a bit, so I assume they all just got added to the pile, minus the fun and occasion of the grand opening of course.
  • This exact issue happened with me after opening 3 or so of the 14 packs in the big box. I submitted a ticket to customer support, I will post here if I hear anything back from them.
  • So what is the answer? I bought the big box and opened 1 pack, went to edit my deck and there is no relative link to get back to your unopened packs.
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    I was hoping junglespyder would report back with the outcome of his support ticket.
  • Here's a +1 for this. I bought a fat pack with 200 crystals got the "you have packs to open" screen and had a phone call. When I went back to the vault there was no way to open the packs and clicking on the fat pack made it try and buy another one.

    Did they just go into my decks?
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    Greetings D3 Go! Customer,

    Thank you for contacting D3 Go! Customer Support.

    Once a pack is purchased and the process of opening it has been initiated, if the player exits the process than all cards will be automatically rewarded. In order to confirm that the cards were received and you are not missing any cards from the Booster Packs from your purchase, could you please view the cards in your inventory and for each of the Planeswalker you own?

    We deeply apologies for any confusion or misunderstanding you have have encountered due to the issue. To help clarify, each Planeswalker are only able to cast spells that are of their color, or are colorless. For example, Chandra, Roaring Flame will only be able to cast Red spells and Colorless spells while Nissa, Sage Animist can only cast Green spells and Colorless spells. Additionally, you can view all of the unlocked cards you have in your Inventory. Keep in mind that the number shown at the top only shows the number of unique cards you have and does not take into consideration how many duplicate cards you have received.

    Many questions can be answered by visiting our helpful Marvel Puzzle Quest FAQ at: http://www.d3go.com/mpq-support/

    If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again and it will be a pleasure to help you.

    Best Regards,
    D3 Go! Customer Support Team (TJM)
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