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ATPQ Patch Notes (12/16/15)

David [Hi-Fi] MooreDavid [Hi-Fi] Moore Age Unconfirmed Posts: 2,872 Site Admin
edited December 2015 in ATPQ General Discussion
Hello everyone,

The next big update for Adventure Time Puzzle Quest is here!

ATPQ Version 1.7
    - You wanted it, and now you got it!
Player Versus Player tournaments! Hosted by none other than Flame Princess in the Fire Kingdom! Check these out, they have awesome prizes!

- Daily Gifts are here! Make sure you collect them every day!

- Oh My Glob! There’s Hero Coins everywhere! The quests have been completely revamped with all new treasures to be found and insane challenges. Look for the Treasure Troves now added to almost every quest.
- Algebraic! A bunch of new potions to blow stuff up.
- Many improvements and fixes to character special abilities and descriptions.
- Class passive abilities have all been improved. Tanks will now taunt enemies improving their overall utility.
- Attack buffs, shields, taunts, and reflective spells are now displayed above the characters in combat.
- Critical hits are now displayed at the top of the screen.
- Crafting costs and material needs have been adjusted.
- AI opponents will no longer "stun-lock" players.
- Greatly improved stability and fixed many crashes.
- Improved difficulty scaling for PvE tournaments.
- Fixed many issues with connectivity and handling of disconnects.
- Fixed an issue with authentication when using Facebook backup.
- Fixed an issue which caused characters to not gain experience properly at the end of nodes.
- Fixed stability of Candy Kingdom tournaments.
- Memory usage has been improved across many devices.
- Performance has been improved on devices with lower hardware specs.



  • Half the new update works great, unfortunately now all the quests no longer have the "fight" option only the "prepare" option...
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