Pyromancer's Goggles bugged?

I have recently been playing as Chandra in an attempt to beat some of the objectives throughout the chapters. Considering I try to keep her spell focused the Goggles only made sense.

What I found to happen though is I would get a spell, it would appear free but then it would revert back to its full casting cost right away.

Luckily I was recording my game when I saw it happen.


  • This is a visual bug instead of what actually should have happened. The behavior is intended (not they appear free, but the fact that it isn't free).

    Here are the conditions that need to be met to actually use the pyromancer's goggles (also why they are, for the most part, terrible).
    • You must have at least 1 card slot open in your hand (meaning 5 or fewer cards)
    • You must have this slot open BEFORE matching (so before any queued or already maxed cards are cast out of your hand)
    • You must activate one of the lit up mana on your turn
    • It then fills that slot with a spell card chosen from your deck with mana cost of 0

    What happened in your case was
    • You had a full set of cards.
    • You activated pyromancer's goggles
    • Goggles selects the next spell in your deck, and then grants it mana cost 0
    • You dont' have a slot for the spell, so ze goggles, zey do nofingk!
    • You then cast Chandra's Fury, freeing a card slot
    • Opponent's turn
    • Your turn
    • You managed to luck out that the card that was free by goggles was also the next card for you to draw.
    • Graphical bug showing it costs 0 mana, but it should cost full mana because you drew the card instead of procced it from goggles
    • Game updates mana costs and the correct cost is shown

    Yea goggles are really bad.
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    I appreciate your Simpsons reference. Thank you.