Quick Battle Leaderboard Not Updating?

Jaymar30 Posts: 25 Just Dropped In
I was wondering if the leaderboard for Quick Battle is updating with all player information? My current Rank is "0" with 72 wins, but if I tap the blue leaderboard button below my stats to access the standings I am shown being in first place with the closest player to me with 37 wins. I have also noticed that there is a "Player Count" at the bottom of only 994.

There can't be only 994 players on the Quick Battle leaderboard and I know people on this forum have posted they have 100+ wins. Am I looking at a some sort of placeholder leaderboard? Is there an overall leaderboard for all players?

Anyone else have the same issue?

Thanks for any responses!


  • BlackSheep101
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    I've seen the "0" rank too, particularly right after winning a battle.

    I imagine they're putting players into a "bracket" of 1000. My player count is 952, with first place having 203 points.

    I dabbled with quick battles on the first couple of days, but until they firm up the reward structure, I'm working on all the story mode objectives.
  • Yea, they have brackets, but how they are determined I am unsure.

    In MPQ there was a "newbie" bracket and an "experienced" bracket, but since levels don't matter that much and on the whole it is hard to determine deck power just from card rarity I am unsure how they bracket us.