Daily reward #5

Was wondering if this has happened to anyone else. Today was supposed to be my day 5 reward, which is a card pack, however, when the game rolled over to reward for day 5 it was already checked and it skipped to day 6. I couldn't claim #5 or do anything because it was checked and could only claim #6. I even went in the vault to check and see if it was already there, no luck. It seems as if the game completely skipped it.


  • Natsufan01
    Natsufan01 Posts: 259 Mover and Shaker
    I got my pack for day 5, yesterday. Not sure what happened for you. I'd submit a ticket.
  • Go to the vault, you can redeem it there.
  • BBoyle wrote:
    Go to the vault, you can redeem it there.

    As I mentioned, I did go to the vault. Several times really. Suppose its resolution requires a ticket.