Trying to figure it out...

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Hey there,

I'm a new player and had a few questions. I've never played magic before I understand the concept and I have played HearthStone a little bit so I understand decks and so forth.

So my question is do I buy the planes walkers I want? Do I get them free by going through the story mode?

Once I find a planes walker I like do I just focus on him and level them up as much as possible?

Should I save my gems for now? If not what should I use them for?

Thanks for any help!


  • Go to the vault and there is a tab that says planeswalkers and you can buy them there. I bought them all since they're only 10 mana crystals each. You should have plenty if you go through some of the story. Also I mainly leveled up on of my planeswalkers.
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    Buy them all. Focus on one or two. That way you have a variety of deck options with high health and mana generation.