Spend HP on 4*?

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I have some HP saved. I normally use it for slots, shields (one or two per pvp as 1k is my goal) and if the PVP award is a must have I might use it to buy health packs but I treat this as last resort.

This approach allows me to hover a bit over 5k HP at the time. I thought I might lower the threshold to 2,5k and buy a cover that would make my life easier.

I am thinking about 5th red for Hulkbuster (sitting at 4-5-2, lvl 197) or fifth blue for Prof. X (hopefully making PVE and simulator a breeze with it). I don't think I should spend it elsewhere (like 5th black XForce who is 4-4-5 or Jean 2-2-4 so too far away from being useful i think).

Let me know what you think. It's hard for me to say where is my priority. I've noticed that my 4* progression is fueled by LT and PVP 1k awards. The first is easier obtainable in PVE (really only option until the new rotation in 4* DDQ). The second depends on a lot of factors but is less grindy.

I am inclined to Prof X if the 5th cover makes the combo really work on all pve nodes (not only the goons where they are great with 4 covers already).


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    I can provide my experiences. I put a 5th red on hb and I haven't regretted it. however, I occasionally add hp to my pile too. I think getting hb to 5/5/x is pretty important in pvp. my px is 5/1/5 and I use him for the last part of grinds but if you use angels/winfinite all the time, scaling will jump for you and the main problem when scaling jumps too high is essentials where you might be fighting a match with only 2 viable characters. I'm much more pvp focused, so I'm going to recommend hb but if you pve a ton, px might help you as much. FYI - px in shield simulator is not much of a deterrent. those get hit pretty hard.
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    I'm tempted at the moment too. My IMHB is 4/5/3 and I'm sitting on 3150 HP. However, I will be needing 2 roster slots soon for Miles and Venom. Must resist the urge.
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    a L250, 5/5/2 IMHB with a 166 IF will be enough for you to consistently hit 1k in PvP, and you should be able to earn more HP doing it than you spend in shields to get there. So definitely worth it.
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    I did that this week as he is boosted. Not sure how high to take him (all the way to be my only 4* at 250?).

    I am yet to try ironbuster in pvp but i will to get Hulk cover
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    I just did the same with my hulk buster, brought the HP from the sale. Purchased the 5th red and leveled him to 200. Not sure how high I should take him, a few other 4*s are sitting at 170. I have already noticed the increase in scaling in pve in the simulator. Hard nodes starting levels are 240 where they were 200 before. I hardly see any over 300 during the grind but I'm sure I'll see them now. Question is, would scaling be worst if I go to 220? 250 possibly, and 270 definitely.

    There's no guide for 4*. Not sure is it okay to have a lone 4* leveled above everyone else, or follow the 3* strategy and take them evenly.
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    I didn't see a big increase in scaling but I don't play a lot of PVE lately (did the simulator and it was fine - if anything my Angel's worked bad on the scaling plus I have one cover for each 5* so my top 3 toons are level 250 anyway).

    My HB is now 210 and I will slowly add levels. I like him in PVP for late push to 1k (from around 600-700 points if I have all 10 health packs ready). He is strong but not sustainable - I need to heal him every 2-3 fights. So with 2 or 3 health packs used on Iron fist and maybe 1 or 2 on the featured I can squeeze 10-15 fights out of him. If they all are around 40 points - I get my 4* cover.

    Hi is no deterrent on defense and rarely wins anything so I have to play quickly and hope I can outdo the lose of points from the hits I get.

    Still - no regrets over spending the HP. I've got enough good covers since then (or not good like Venom and Miles that I didn't get in PVE).

    I have also used HP to buy Prof X fifth blue. Now it's a quick fight in PVP (simulator only or when they are featured) and PVE. The only issue is scaling so I keep the Angels to grind the nodes on the last day. In Simulator it got me from 800 to 2000 points in a bit over an hour. After hitting 2k I was reduced to 1600 within hours but who cares icon_e_smile.gif
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