All Saved Player Info Lost

Has anyone else experienced this?
I submitted a big (Ticket #172847) but wanted to see if this affected anyone else. Here's what I'm experiencing:
1) I can start the app (using Android) and it logs in, brings me to the reward screen for logging in, but the Collect button does nothing.
2) Going to the Quest screen to continue the game reveals all stages as Locked
3) Going to the Planeswalkers screen shows only the default character, does not include the other(s) purchased
4) Runes and Crystals do not reflect the totals as they should be.

I have tried logging out then in again, uninstalling the reinstalling, but nothing seems to work.
Does anyone have any ideas?


  • Aprophilix
    I believe you are probably experiencing the same bug detailed a few posts down by DrLemniscate.

    The same thing happened to me, down to the disabled daily reward screen. I suspect that you are actually in someone else's profile - probably someone who hasn't played much yet, so their levels are still locked.

    Once the runes and crystals go wonky, try going back to the settings screen and see if your nickname is still at the top of the screen. I'm guessing it won't be. If it is, maybe this is a different bug?