A 15 mana crystal achievement not working

Rootbreaker Posts: 396
Origins Chapter 3 part 2, level 4

The description of the achievement is "Pacifism: Kill 12 or less enemy creatures during a single fight"

The grammar is wrong (should be 12 or fewer), but it also doesn't work. I killed one enemy creature, it said so on the stats screen after the battle, but it didn't give me the achievement.


  • Rootbreaker
    In a similar note, the 15 mana crystal achievement on Level 7 of Chapter 3 part 2 is giving credit when it isn't due. I got the achievement for casting deathtouch creatures without having any in my deck (or any way to give my creatures deathtouch).
  • madsalad
    madsalad Posts: 815 Critical Contributor
    This one had me scratching my head. How can I have lost 0 creatures for one goal, and 1 creature for the other goal?