Heroic Encounters

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Anyone tried one yet? I just beat Jace on the second try with a level 15 Chandra. Only got the first objective, normal rune reward. Kinda disappointed with not getting anything special. Maybe a booster pack for completing those would be good.


  • I crushed them pretty easily - I had more trouble with some of the previous missions. I have a high 40s level Chandra though.
  • How do you even unlock or find a heroic versions?
  • BlackSheep101
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    After the last Origin story chapter is another titled "Heroic Encounters"
  • They're a bit easier imo than the last few encounters, because they don't have ridiculous planeswalker abilities.

    Their cards are good too but they are much easier to lock down.

    Jace or Chandra can roll them easily.