Loyalty row match don't provide mana

I have noticed that if you make a 4 or 5 match with loyalty gems, even if they destroy mana gems, you don't receive mana for them. Is this intentional or a mistake?

When you make a 4 or 5 match with mana gems...and they destroy loyalty gems, you appear to receive the loyalty for them...
Seems like it should work both ways.


  • This is not a glitch.

    When you match normal gems, you always get 1 added to your loyalty. Hence why you always see an animation leading to the Planeswalker after every match. You only get mana based on what you match, and your Planeswalker bonus. So if you match 3 blues with Jace, you will get 4 (you can increase this by leveling up) whereas you get two for a red match early on. If you match 4 or more colors, you don't get mana from all the tiles destroyed, only those that you matched.

    If you match loyalty tiles, they go only to your Planeswalker, even if you match 4 and destroy a row, as this system only counts those you matched (unlike Marvel Puzzle Quest which does damage based on all the tiles destroyed in a row.)

    Hope I helped!
  • Natsufan01
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    Which means the only real benefit from match 4 is a fairly minor increase to cascade chances. I'm finding it hard to switch gears and ignore 4 of a kinds to go for a match in the planeswalker's color instead, but that usually results in more mana gained.
  • leaning towards 4 matches being practically useless then.
  • BlackSheep101
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    They can destroy supports and whatever those rings around gems are.