Google Play Purchase Error/Loading Issue *Updated (12/14/15)

David [Hi-Fi] Moore
David [Hi-Fi] Moore Posts: 2,872 Site Admin

We are aware of an issue experienced by some Android users where Google Play purchases have not been received and game loading errors occur after the purchase is attempted.

The developers have identified the cause and are working hard to correct the issue as quickly as possible.

We'll post additional info on a fix as soon as we are able. If you experience the problem, please contact Customer Support here:

Thank you.

**UPDATE** (12/14/15)

A fix has been implemented. Android users still experiencing issues will want to follow these steps:

To recover any missing In-App Purchases:
• Update the game
• Launch the game
• Go to the in-game store (Crystals shop - top right of the screen)
• Currency Balance will then automatically update (please allow a few seconds)

If additional help is needed, Customer Support is ready to assist at the address listed above.