Maximum Deck Size?

I have leveled up Chandra to 17. When I go to edit the deck it tells me I can have 7 creatures, 5 spells and 2 support cards. But will never let me have more than 10 cards in my deck. Anytime I try to add something it makes me replace it with something else. Is this a bug or is the maximum deck size always 10?


  • The max deck size is always going to be 10. The limit changes are so that later on, you can have more work space with how you want your deck built. So for example:

    You have 10 cards in your deck. You can have a max of 5 creatures, 3 supports and 2 spells. Now, you get a level up and can use 6 creatures. You are now able to take out 1 support or spell to add another creature into your deck. The deck size will still stay at 10. This matters in a way, as if you try to add another creature normally when your creature number is maxed out, you would then need to swap out the creatures so your max is always 5 (despite you making room by removing a spell prior).

    Basically, the number changes are there so you can change your deck strategy in the 10 card limit. More creature space gives you less spells, making your deck much more creature focused. Whereas if you get space for more supports and spells, if you'd like, you can focus your deck around those and minimal creatures.