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Anyone know if it's better to buy one every time you get to 60 or smarter to save up until 200? I see that you have a higher chance for Rare/Mythic at the 200 but do you get more cards too or just playing higher odds on R/MR?


  • Honestly I've been buying the normal boosters. Out of 6 purchases I've gotten 3 mythicals. Good to be lucky I guess.
  • I bought the one for 200 and got a good amount of rares (no mythics yet). I also seemed to get more uncommons from it as well. I definitely recommend the 200 one.
  • Honestly I've been buying the normal boosters. Out of 6 purchases I've gotten 3 mythicals. Good to be lucky I guess.

    I've seen the exact opposite results icon_e_sad.gif. I've gotten zero rares/mythics from the regular, 60 cost one and I think I've bought about as many as you (though I did accidentally buy a rune booster and pulled a mythic from that, haha).
  • 60 cost booster has same chance within the packs to get rares and mythics as the fat pack or big box...difference is in the number of packs/chances....

    1 pack = 60
    Fat pack (4 packs) = 200 (50 per pack)
    Big Box (14 packs) = 600 (42.85 per pack)
  • I assumed it's like MPQ when the % chance of drawing a rare / mythic changes based on the "size" of the purchase. So the single pack may have 10% rare chance, the 4 pack 15% and the 14 pack 20%. Those aren't real %, just using them as an example of how I think it works. Would love clarification however as right now I don't buy the single packs because of my assumption lol.
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    I wish we could get some confirmation. Based off of the wording used, I was under the assumption the odds for rares and mythics increased with the larger purchases. But the wording can certainly be interpreted as "maximum chances just because you're purchasing more packs." I wouldn't care about saving up 600 mana crystals every time then.
  • In case it means anything to anyone...
    1 pack(intro) - 2 uncommon and 3 common
    1 pack(60 cost) - 4 uncommons and 1 common
    1 Big Box(600 cost) - 12 rares(1 duplicate), 44 uncommons, 24 commons

    Another accounts results:
    1 pack(intro) - 1 rare and 4 uncommon
    1 Big Box(600 cost) - 10 rares(1 duplicate), 47 uncommons, 23 commons
  • I've gotten 2 fat packs 2 normal 60. I just got a mythic out of a 225 exp pack "Gaea's Revenge"-Mythic

    "Tragic Arrogance"-Mythic out of a single gold pack.

    Seems like the premiumn packs have higher chances for rare but I was not expecting rares/mythics in the default packs. No mythics out of 2 fat packs though.
  • I believe Theldin is correct, from my experience with the game anyhow. The chances of getting mythical are the same per booster as long as it is a rune booster, the bigger packs just save you runes.