Hand size and discarding

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Maybe I missed it, but I don't remember seeing anything in game about maximum hand size. That would be useful information to a new player.

Also, when something would make you exceed your maximum hand size (draw abilities, bounce, etc.), it would be nice to be able to drop an existing card instead of just losing the new card. I had a void mage bounce a creature into my full hand and lost it entirely.


  • That void mage bounce is working as intended. It's a similar mechanic to Hearthstone where if you bounce a card back to the player's hand, and the hand is full, then the card essentially "dies." Think of it as a conditional removal. Same with the max hand limit of 6 and not being able to draw more until you chump stuff out.
  • I had no idea the max hand size worked with auto-burn, no chance to do anything. I want propre MTG rules, before ending your turn you must discard down to the max handsize. Want the choice to dump cards I'm not using (but can't replace since I can't have more than x creatures and MUST have support cards)
  • Mizuki Ayu wrote:
    I want propre MTG rules, before ending your turn you must discard down to the max handsize.
    I would like this as well, but I suspect it is more trouble than it's worth.

    I presume the developers didn't want to allow more than six cards because it would require their UI and all their effects to scale to any number of cards. That adds a lot of complexity. The current implementation is much easier to code.
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    The point of hand size rule is keep the game moving along. Some players may take more time to decide with more cards in hand.

    There are cards like thought vessel which allows a player to have more cards in hand.

    Just be careful of the vise, the cursed rack and the rack cards.