Selling cards option

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Less than one day into playing, and I can already see many cards that are not good enough for me to use, and are just taking up space in my inventory. Imagine 10 days, two months, etc. You're talking hundreds or thousands of cards to search through. I know there's sorting and filtering options, but that will only help for so long. I don't want to have to look through 500 green creatures to find the one that I might actually use. How about adding an ability to sell off unneeded cards for runes? Similar to Marvel Puzzle Quest selling covers for Iso-8.


  • madsalad
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    +1 (filler)
  • I don't have any particular desire to sell all my cards as I am a collector so I'll always want one of each but, from what I can tell, there is absolutely no reason to own more than one of any particular card. I have 8 Veteran's Sidearms at this point, I would think I should be able to sell 7 of them for Runes (like the ISO-8 sales in Marvel).
  • I've got a mythic double. I was very disappointed, and I don't think opening a mythic should ever be a cause of disappointment lol.