Quick Battles, Leaderboards and Rewards

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It says that Leaderboards reset quickly but I didn't see any timer or anything.
Am I missing anything about rewards for being in the top of the leaderboard or any progression reward?

I feel there needs to be an FAQ somewhere that covers this stuff or maybe I'm just really missing this information.


  • Yea, without a good sense of reward there doesn't seem to be any point to pvp.

    No matter who I win against, I just get a measly 50 runes, and +1 "something".

    I can't tell what my rank reward is either.
  • Lukoil
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    Well actually i got once 150 and once 100 mana for battle. But most of them are 50 mana rewards. And enemy was higher level then me in those cases. So it probably the best way to farm right now after you complete all story missions. Waiting for events, so far so good=)
  • madsalad
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    Yes, it would be nice to know what the "ribbons" are for and if they are worth anything. Not to mention if the leaderboard pays out anything, too.
  • Best I've earned in one victory is 250 runes and +5 (ribbons?)
  • 250 +5 was my best too. I have won 63 matches in pvp but got it only 1x :/
  • I'd love to know how they do pairings for pvp. I'm hoping it's based on rank and not level or there's not much point in leveling once you have a strong deck or you just make pairings harder on yourself.