Patch Notes v1.2.0 (12/09/15)

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Patch Notes v1.2.0 (12/09/15)

***Smarter AI and more challenging encounters will force you to adapt your strategy***

New Features
    - Quick Match: Defeat the deck of real players and top the leaderboards. - All opponents now have special abilities triggered from Planeswalker gems. - New languages supported: French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Korean, Russian and Chinese. - Inventory: Enjoy your spells, creatures, and artifacts in the new Inventory section. Use filters to gain clear insight into your collection. - Collect new spells, creatures, and artifacts using your Mana Runes and run the chance of looting new and better cards.

    - Advanced AI: smarter AI making better matches and playing cards properly. - Objectives 2 & 3 of all encounters have been tweaked and are now more challenging. You will now need to tinker with your deck and/or choice of Planeswalker in order to earn those additional rewards! - New Deck Edit & deck improvement: it is now easier to edit your deck (new interface & filters). - Earn Mana Runes when replaying the same encounters again. - All cards are now functional. Some cards have been redesigned based on player feedback. - Major bug fixes.

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