3-4* transition hell

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These issues have all been addressed by other players, but I am just really frustrated with the fact that I can't build 4* to save my life. In terms of covers, I pretty much have every 3* max covered with 6 or 7 being max leveled. I have 5 covers in AntMan, IW, and Xforce....I have most of the other 4*s with 1 or 2 covers.

Long story short, as they continue to release 4* characters it makes it harder to build up covers with legendary tokens because they get so spread out. I can rarely get to 1000 in PvP bc I don't have Hulk buster covered and grinding for command points in PvE is an incredible time suck and waste of health packs. I've only been able to win 1 DDQ 4* (Prof X) by hiding the whole time...the others were impossible based on my covers.

Making the the transition to 4* shouldn't feel like a job. This is a game. I'm typically top 50-100 in PvP and PvE....I am just at a loss as to how I'm going to progress at this rate. I'm just frustrated. ..sorry for the rant

Ps...I'm day 336


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    bpcontra wrote:
    These issues have all been addressed by other players, but I am just really frustrated with the fact that I can't build 4* to save my life. In terms of covers, I pretty much have every 3* max covered with 6 or 7 being max leveled.

    Looks like you are still working on 3*s, should get around 15+ max'd , so you can coast to 1k in pvp for the cover no matter who is the buffed of the week. At least try to get them all to 140 so they are 200 buffed.. this will help loads.
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    Right now I have:
    Iron Fist - Maxed
    Cage - maxed
    Mags - maxed
    Scarlet witch - maxed
    Blade - maxed
    Cyclops - maxed
    Patch - maxed
    She hulk - 155
    Loki - 153
    Daredevil - 152
    Thor -144
    Black Panther -142
    Spiderman - 140
    Groot - 137
    The rest are in the 120 range.

    I feel like that's a pretty good list....good enough to power through some pvps. Maybe I just suck at shielding
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    bpcontra wrote:
    I feel like that's a pretty good list....good enough to power through some pvps. Maybe I just suck at shielding

    It is a good list, Fist-Cage is enough to hit 1k consistently. Maybe not every event, but enough.

    Your roster can certainly get there this event, with Thor-Fist-Panther.
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    No need for apologies, bpcontra, you are voicing a concern that I am sure many players share. Although I am well into 4* land, I was wondering about this very issue on my way to the gym today and I agree things seem to be a bit rough for those trying to make the transition. I remember back in the day when we used to complain about the 2* to the 3* transition and that was when you could theoretically win about 6-9 covers of a new character in a couple of weeks with optimal play since PvP provides the opportunity to win 4 covers.

    With 4*, on the other, hand the system hasn't currently been adjusted. The way you can win 4* covers is as follows:

    *PvE introduction event, maximum 5 covers available but that requires a huge time investment and belonging to a PvE legit alliance. Even for a couple of covers, you will have to buckle down and put in some effort.
    *PvE placing in Top 2. Another Herculean feat (save for those that manage to get a nice n00b bracket which I seem to be eternally banished from icon_e_surprised.gif )
    *PvP placing 1st. You thought getting Top 2 in PvE was hard? Good luck hitting 1st if you are not in one of the major alliances (unless of course, you are in a n00b bracket. Why, why can't I find these mythical paradise islands?)
    *PvP 1000 point progression award.
    I actually want to comment a bit more here: Yes, with proper shield hopping and a strong 3* roster you should be able to hit the 1000 progression reward (this may vary depending on the time slice you choose, 1 and 4 seem to be safe bets) but there is still an element of luck and you do need to know what you are doing otherwise you might end up thinking you are fighting a team worth 60 points but that player was actually knocked down and you finish the fight with 15. Please check out the tips and guide forums for advice on how to properly shield hop for those that don't know. And even for those that do know, it can be tricky as I have seen quite a few younger rosters try and not make it.
    *2000 progression award for Simulator. (Not sure how feasible it is to do if you have no viable 4*characters but if you start off early enough it might be doable. Just be prepared to get knock down quite a few times and you will need to shield quite a bit).
    *Legendary tokens (already did my shpeel on LTs somewhere else for those interested)
    *Heroic and standard tokens plus DP Tacos

    Considering all of this, things aren't looking too rosy for a 3* player. Your best bet is to uber grind PvE but let's be honest not everyone has the stomach for that and you are probably going to run up against the uber-hardcore for character release events which will only increase your pain and frustration. Your next best bet is hitting PvP 1000 and then from there things get rather dicey.

    Although I have a few ideas about what can be done, my Hulk grind is calling so I will just leave you with my current favorite: Deadpool's Tag-Team Tuesdays (and maybe Thursdays, too).

    Every week on Tuesday (and maybe Thursday) another secret node appears in that wonder of wonders called DDQ. This is for a guaranteed 4* cover. You will need the 3* featured for that day but you can also bring your best and mightiest character or whoever you like to the battle. 2 on 2 tag team madness.

    Ideally, I would love for you to be able to actually tag and switch between characters so they can rest up but that's probably asking for too much, so a simple 2 on 2 will do. Of course, no TUs cause people would be mega whaling it from here to Sunday and back again (remember this is supposed to be for Tuesday and maybe Thursday).

    And since 2 seems to be the magic number here, running it twice a week would seem nice, no? Aye caramba I have laundry that needs drying and nodes that need grinding so I gotta go but rest assured bpcontra person you are not alone and there is more that can be done to make this game more fun for everyone!!ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┏( >_<)┛  ズベッ(ノ_ _)ノ
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    I have a very similar roster (in particular, I do not use any 4* in pvp yet) and I can reach 1k every pvp event using only a 3-8 shield hop (75+150hp, but could be just a 3hr shield if I didn't want to shield till end). So yes your roster should be good enough to get you to 1k with good pvp techniques (in particular your 166 IF + 166 Cage, even when not boosted can take on 4* teams with some care).

    Here's a guide on good pvp techniques like shield hopping: https://d3go.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=33283&p=447576#p419075

    (Important reminder, try to only do fights worth at least 38 points)
    My brief (edit: not so brief) steps are:
    • climb to around 650 (my equillibrium) and float there till less than 11 hrs remaining.
    • quickly climb to just above 900 points and slam down a 3hr shield. Don't dawdle for those last one or two fights, you ARE getting queued up and attacks are imminent.
    • if you were quick about the last two fights and shielding, then you should be safely shielded and be getting a bunch of hits on your shield. Take at least a 30 min breather, better if at least an hour, to let your shield absorb any attacks from people that queued you up while you were climbing.
    • while shielded, try to find (queue up) at least two 50+ point targets (and possibly an emergency 3rd target). Using the LINE chat app (specifically shield-check/battlechat rooms) can help you find high point targets, but is not necessary. Every few minutes you can do some iso skipping to keep an eye out for high point targets.
    • now with less than 8hrs in the event it's time to break shield and do your two 50+ fights as fast as possible (use ap boosts). If all went well, you should have crossed the 1k barrier (900ish plus two fights worth more than 50), so slam down 8hr shield till the end. If there was a hitch (got sniped during your two hop fights) you can either pony up for another shield hop, or accept it as a failed attempt at 1k and try to learn from it (I failed my first two or three attempts at 1k).

    If you didn't make it, some things that might need improving
    • speed! Play faster and/or pick targets you can beat more quickly
    • try to be at slightly higher points before you put up 1st shield (helps if you save a high point target to be your last pre-shield fight that puts you over 900). Eg if you shield at ~930 then a single 70+ pt fight could get you there.
    • be patient and queue up better targets while shielded (worth more points and/or easier opponents). If you can queue up two 70+ pt targets you can potentially still cross 1k even if you get hit once during the fight.
    • sometimes you just get bad luck
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