Create a nickname ingame

After the latest update I got prompted to login to Facebook again (which is fair) but the game wants me to pick a new nickname.
That is slightly more worrying, since I really dont want to lose all progress I have made.

I tried to use my old nickname but the game does not accept that one. I have also tried some other names but none of my attempts were succesful.
Is there any other restriction for creating a nickname except for the length? Can you use numbers and special characters? can you start with other than a letter?



  • Dayv
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    That sounds bad. You might want to open a customer support ticket.
  • Wil88
    Wil88 Posts: 159 Tile Toppler
    I have same issue. Won't accept any Nicknames.
  • Hey guys, experienced the same problem. Played and finished the game back in September 2015. After getting the new version, i was apprehensive putting a new nickname because I might lose my progress. Did you guys try it?