Transitioning to 3* but need to trim the slots

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Hi guys,

Building up my 3* roster and I've got more covers than slots, so I figured you may be able to help me identify which 3*s should get the boot, which 2*s have run their useful course, and which 4*s may just not be worth holding. So, the roster:

5*: Old Man Logan 0/1/0

X-Force Wolverine 1/1/2
Invisible Woman 2/0/0
X-23 0/1/1
Antman 1/0/0
Carnage 0/1/0
Deadpool 1/0/0
Devil Dino 0/0/1
Kingpin 0/0/1
The Thing 0/0/1
Thor 0/0/1

Blade 1/4/4
Colossus 4/2/3
Dr Doom 3/4/1
Hood 3/4/1
Hulk 5/2/1
Beast 4/3/0
Torch 4/2/2
Magneto 4/3/0
Psylocke 4/3/0
Daken 3/3/1
Scarlet Witch 1/1/4
Bullseye 3/1/2
Mystique 2/2/2
Punisher 2/2/2
Cyclops 1/2/2
IM40 2/2/1
Quicksilver 3/1/0
Ragnarok 3/0/1
Sentry 2/2/1
Steve Rogers 1/2/2
Cpt Marvel 2/1/1
Rocket & Groot 2/1/0
Iron Fist 2/0/0
Luke Cage 1/1/1

Ares, OBW, Bullseye, Daken, Hawkeye, Torch, Magneto, Storm

1*: Iron Man

I've got 18 3* and 4* covers in the queue, including:
1/1/1 Thor
0/1/0 GSBW
1/0/1 She Hulk
1/0/0 Totally Awesome Hulk (4*)
0/1/0 Mr. Fantastic (4*)
0/1/1 Loki
1/0/0 Sam Wilson
2/0/0 Daredevil
2/0/0 Doc Oc
0/0/1 Kamela Khan
1/0/0 Vision
1/0/0 Deadpool

I'd like to keep my Deadpool's Daily hit squad of MMags, Hawkeye, and Storm together for the 3* daily cover, as well as IM. I think I need to find room for 3* Thor just because he's such a pain in PvP events. Likewise, I hate dumping any 4*, so finding room for Totally Awesome Hulk and Mr. Fantastic would be great.

I typically do very well in PvP events - top 25 nearly always and frequent top 5s - though I don't really spend the time on PvEs just due to the impact of OML and time needed to get anywhere near the top 200 being ridiculous, much less the top 100 or 50.

Any guidance or advice is really appreciated.


  • TrykeTryke Age Unconfirmed Posts: 320 Mover and Shaker
    Some advice:

    - You currently have eight 2*s. I don't have as deep a 3* roster as you and I still feel like I'm overdoing it sometimes with just six 2*s (Thormneto, daken, obw, ares). If you want to trim any, baby torch would be the first to go.

    - In 4*, devil dino is one of those luxury characters because he isn't featured in the normal rotation of essentials and can't be obtained through regular tokens. Seeing as you only have 1 cover anyway, he might be an option to cut.

    - In 3*, if you really need to trim, Quicksilver is probably your safest to cut and you should probably make a spot for 3* thor

    - Lastly, don't be like me and open every token you get. It's tempting, but you end up throwing away a lot of covers. 18 new covers is a lot.
  • JumboSaltPretzelJumboSaltPretzel Posts: 6 Just Dropped In
    Tryke wrote:
    - Lastly, don't be like me and open every token you get. It's tempting, but you end up throwing away a lot of covers. 18 new covers is a lot.

    This is a really good point, I hadn't thought of it. That obviously limits progression rates on 3* characters, but ensures that I'm adding covers that I can use (via events). Would the strategy be just to save them up and, once I have the HP to support additional roster slots, open in a jamboree of button mashing?
  • TrykeTryke Age Unconfirmed Posts: 320 Mover and Shaker
    Exactly. The rule of thumb is: Don't open tokens unless you have roster space to support a new character. Tokens don't expire either.

    I still open my tokens cuz most of them are iso anyway, but you seem to have a lot new covers built up in your queue.
  • GothicKratosGothicKratos Posts: 1,821 Chairperson of the Boards
    Ares, OBW, Bullseye, Daken, Hawkeye, Torch, Magneto, Storm

    I was just talking to my girlfriend about this (she just started playing again) and I honestly feel like the only "mandatory" 2*s are Storm/Magneto, oBW, and Ares. Ares is absolutely stupid boosted (and also pretty strong in BoP). oBW is pretty great in specific cheeses in Survival Nodes and Goon Nodes. Storm is Storm, she's honestly OP af, and Magneto is still the only really viable engine for that cheese.

    If it were me, the first one I would drop is Torch; he's just not strong and he's way too slow to get going.

    The second Bullseye; he's really fun, but he just doesn't mesh well in any good team comp (similar to Ms Marvel, whom is really strong but lacks a solid pairing).

    Third would be Hawkeye; I love that Hawkeye/Storm/Magneto team to death, but he's only good in that one specific team comp, so he's more of a liability than the others imo (you can replace Hawkeye with Daken in DDQ - he tanks Blue/Purple, and those Strike Tiles add up/take up Red Tiles, so he's extra great on Ninja days).

    Fourth would be Daken; he's only really good as a tank in your Storm cheese, but your Storm cheese is your bread and butter in 2* land, so you won't want to ditch him too early.

    De-rostering oBW is debatable with Loki and Hood in the mix, but I don't feel like they are nearly as strong in Survival/Goon nodes as she is, as well as oBW giving out pretty strong Team-Ups.

    Then, of course, once you've got a pretty viable set of 3*s you can definitely un-roster Ares. If you every have the urge to build him (like if he's boosted) it's pretty easy to build a new one.

    It's up to you if you want to keep the Storm cheese. I feel like I'm going to keep it around for kicks and giggles.

    The other piece of advice I would give is trying to build a Juggernaut over your 1* IM. While being stronger in BoP isn't a huge deal, at least Juggs has some kind of use outside of DDQ, whereas IM really doesn't.
  • JumboSaltPretzelJumboSaltPretzel Posts: 6 Just Dropped In
    Thanks for the reply. The two guys that I had keyed on were Torch and Daken, though it's interesting to hear Bullseye and Hawkeye thrown into the mix. Bullseye has been a beast for me pairing with Old Man Logan, just for his black. I know it takes forever to charge, but once you hit it, 9-13k damage. Hnnngggg... He's a "safe" pick just spreading protects everywhere, but you're right that I don't use him as much as I used to.

    Daken's been powered up this past week, so just using him + OML has made pumping through PVP pretty easy and health-pack friendly. I'm using Tryke's advice and not cashing in my tokens until I have the slots. I've got enough HP for one more slot, plus a dump of Torch will let me roster 3* Thor and one of the 4*s out there. I'll just let the tokens (already now 4 + a 10-pack) build up.
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