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I just got a cover for Cyclops, who is not already on my roster. I can't currently expand the number of spaces, so I need to drop someone.
I guess I'll repeat this when/if I get Totally Awesome Hulk.

current lead contenders for getting dropped:
* Storm (Modern) - 13 covers, level 50
** Hawkeye (Modern) - 13 covers, level 54
** Thor (Marvel Now!) - 13 covers, level 60

Storm speeds up the process for the first Deadpool level quite a bit, but I have * Iron Man (Model 35) and if needed he can handle it himself (which he proves every time Storm is on the opposite team).

I don't think I've ever used Hawkeye. And I'm certain I've not used Thor since getting *** Thor (Modern) to a sufficient level. Note that neither ** character is maxed on levels, as I have nearly a dozen other ** characters and they mostly only get used on Deadpool missions anyway (Wolverine/Daken/Bullseye team-up ftw).

I also have 14 *** characters maxed, and 10 more with 13 covers and just need more ISO to level up, so I rarely feel like I'm missing out if a ** is buffed -- usually I have enough maxed ** and *** to to have other buffed characters.

So who should I get rid of? Who will I least likely wish I had because they're buffed for a mission?


  • GrumpySmurf1002GrumpySmurf1002 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 3,511 Chairperson of the Boards
    1* Storm in a runaway. If you have 14 max covered 3*, the only reason to have a 1* is DDQ, and one is sufficient.
  • Nick441234Nick441234 Posts: 1,496 Chairperson of the Boards
    Yeah, the only 1* you really need is Jugs, so bin Storm.
  • Ok, well, I also got Totally Awesome Hulk. Which ** should I ditch?
  • Nick441234Nick441234 Posts: 1,496 Chairperson of the Boards
    Hawkeye. Thor is great and will be needed at times.
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