Game difficulty

Is it just me or does the game difficulty seem too easy? The only chapter I struggled with was chapter 1. All of the other chapters the enemy's spam spells and support but do not utilize enemy's as much. I was able to complete the entire game relatively easy without having to wait for timers or drawing packs/leveling my hero up.
Just a suggestion to tweak the difficulty up a bit.


  • wirius
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    A common mistake with some gamer's is to misunderstand the purpose of difficulty. Difficulty is about causing the player to be engaged with the game, and thus care about the actions one does, and work on improving their mechanics. In the beginning story modes, what could a beginner do if it were difficult? There is only so much skill someone can aquire in 3-matching gems. The only alternative is to fix your deck, which a beginner cannot do. Maybe buy basic packs and get lucky? What if they're unlucky, and now their character is underleveled? Your player feels like nothing they do matters, and quits.
  • Natsufan01
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    This game has a pretty steep learning curve I'd say, with major drawbacks for mistakes. Nissa breezes through most of chapter one. Maybe bad luck makes you lose some but not much. Though you can see that you need to upgrade your cards.

    Chapter 2 starts to show the opponent manipulating you more which Nissa has practically no answer for. Now you have a relatively high levelled useless planeswalker and you have to start over with a new one. There is no second reward for the early fights, so you are stuck grinding away for 50 runes a fight so you can level.

    My level 15 Chandra can win fights that my level 26 Nissa gets destroyed. But the grind to get Chandra to level 14 where she starts to shine was very tedious and it will just be worse for the other three.
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    So should the standard advice be to level up everyone evenly or to just throw everything at Chandra?

    No doubt the cards you pull will influence decision making. I struggle with Jace and Lilliana, but I haven't gotten many of their better cards. Their PW abilities are useful, but don't create win conditions. The other three seem more creature focused, and the bulk of damage comes from there right now.

    When your highest power creature is a 2 and you have limited means to buff them, matches are going to take a long time, which gives the AI more chances to get a crazy cascade and drop their whole hand on the board.
  • Blahahah
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    This game is hard in the way that I'm a MPQ player, and thus am used to simply matching and pressing one of three buttons, then one of three colors.
    I played nissa, but at heart I'm a black player so I jumped into lilianna the first chance I got.

    Jesus... So many buffs, all of them great, but the minions leave so much to be desired.
    Still, her discard ability is pretty awesome to keep me ahead when I get there.