Help your local Blahahah cover his team!

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Back again! Hello, my friendly faces.

I have a conundrum and I require it be met with adequate discussion, so lets begin shall we? I currently have 8750 hero points, and I'm looking to get some covers.

Currently I have 5 maxed 3* characters: Thor, Daken, Doctor Octopus, Hulk, and Luke Cage.
While this combination does plenty to shoot me up the ladder (800 is a breeze even unboosted), I have some other characters to choose from, and being able to throw around 7 covers for them is a nice feeling.

Your candidates are...

Scarlet witch! Yes, she has sat at a 3/3/3 for so long, and now I might have the means to get her battle ready.
Black Panther! Also a victim of the fateful 3/3/3 disposition, he may have a shot at the big leagues at last.
Colossus! Sitting at a peachy 4/3/3, from what I heard he is the black horse underdog soviet machine that no one expects to see!

I also have the chance to dish out some 4* covers, and some smaller ones. The candidates for those are...

X-force wolverine! Baby's first 4*, though he lacks the punch I'd like from him he still has his fair shot. Currently 2/1/1, he may be looking to move up in the world.
Ant Man! My personal favorite 4*, sadly he is missing his blue but still rocking a 2/0/1 build. Some covers here would go a "lang" way towards getting him ready.

I come to you, the community, for some guidance. While it would be nice to have some more 3*s, my teams are already pretty solid. However, I wouldn't be able to pump enough power into the 4*s to make them usable. Also theres the issue of iso, but thats for another time and place.

So what do you guys think?


  • BlahahahBlahahah Age Unconfirmed Posts: 738
    You've gone and caught me being neglectful.

    Also I hate to admit that I loathe Iron Fist, but I really do. He is the one character who is stupid good but I never want to resort to using.
    I'll update and see where things are.

  • BlahahahBlahahah Age Unconfirmed Posts: 738
    I guess thats true, but a little handicap spices the game up.
  • BlahahahBlahahah Age Unconfirmed Posts: 738
    But basically, for now get Panther up there and then just focus on fist, yeah? If so, then thats doable.
    I won't like it, but hey why not.
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    You might not have this issue, but just in case:


    There, I said it. icon_lol.gif
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    to me, long-term goals should be 1) fist, 2) Cyclops, 3) panther, and 4)witch. currently missing a color in cyc and fist, so long-term, I'd work on panther and witch, but fist drives the ship there. witch feeds fist feeds black to a top-tier black user. without fist, witch uses purple, which is good, not great, until you have only 1 character left to down, then its a guaranteed 5-turn stun, which can be gold. but until you have 1 character left, I find her usefulness marginal/good - but not primo t5. she's t5 in the game because of all the great purple users out there (fist, kk, jean, ice, rulk, kp, blade) or because of px/2hawk combos.

    from there you can mix and match as needed. a great extra to have along with any of those black users is cmags.
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