I could use some pvp help

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Alright, I decided to pop my eight hour shield with 2 hours to go at 900 points, queued up a 70 and 59 node. Did the 70 node with boosts, BAM, knocked down 89 points. I decided to do my second node, finished it fast, come back to 120 points lost. What did I do wrong? Should I have shielded after the first ridiculous hit? I think I had around 17 hours left in my bracket. Did it at around 9:30 pm. Was it a bad time? Geez, I wasn't even going to sheild to keep the points, just wanted the 1k then was going to let it fall. Guess that's out the window.

Team was Cap, Scarlet Witch maxed, Cyclops maxed (To feed red).
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