Changing targets on iPhone 4 (not 4s, 4)

Hi, maybe my problem is isolated and maybe I just have fat fingers, but I've noticed that I sometimes have *lots* of trouble changing targets on my enemy team by tapping the portrait.

The game either doesn't respond (ignores the input tap) or it opens the details for the front character instead.

With all the 2-star Storm teams out there it's crucial to be able to change targets so I can target her first (so her yellow doesn't murder my whole team).

It's a little frustrating to not be able to reliably change targets.

I've noticed that it's easier to change targets at the very beginning of the match before the sprite for the lead character on the enemy team loads in. However, after all 3 characters on the enemy team load in, it can be hard to get the game to switch targets despite repeated tapping.

Would it be possible to increase the on-screen size of the area by XX number of pixels so it would be easier to switch?

A less-elegant solution would be to put a graphical element directly in the area to tap (like a crosshairs icon) but that might look kind of ugly...



  • I have the same issue (iPhone 3GS) but I'm not sure if I'm just fat-fingering it as well or if my phone is just that inaccurate or slow. The 3GS isn't technically supported by MPQ but I'm supposed to be getting my 5s today so I'll see if the issue persists (and blame my fingers) or if it was the 3GS.
  • It works OK most of the time on my iPhone 4, very very occasionally I get the details for the front character instead but this only happens when I am trying to do two things at once (eg brush my teeth as well as play MPQ!) so I think it's down to tapping on the wrong area rather than a hardware problem.