Push into 4* or wait a season?

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I need some solid help regarding my status. I am fully in the 4* transition but I have hit a bit of a wall. I can occasionally hit 1k for the cover (roster + play style limits my options) but since I am not +with hero points I don't do it regularly - just when the boosted toons are correct for me.

I have all 3* with 11 max lvl 3*: Black Panther, Grey Suit, Blade, Cyclops, Deadpool, Iron Fist, Kamela, Luke Cage, Switch, Hood and Thor. Other range from 160 (Mag, Hulk, Patch) to 120 (Rags, Iron Man). I can safely say my transition is over and I won't be spending ISO on 3* (occasionally on featured but not maxed).

Now to my 4*. Hulkbuster is close to being operational - lvl 182, covers 4-4-2. Xforce is 177, 4-4-5, Thoress 177 5-2-4, Fury - 168 4-3-4 and Invisible - 168 3-5-3. As you see Hulk, XForce and Thoress all miss covers. Other than them - i have all 4* undercovered and underleveled (I will skip my 5-5-3 Devil Dino or maybe I shouldn't for tanking purposes?).

My question is should I bring Hulk and Thoress to max level I can? Or should I hold for scaling issues (I do have lvl 255 SS)? If I do that will I see max 4* teams in PVP making my 1k goal nearly impossible? I might be able to buy one cover (I guess Hulkbuster red) but I would prefer not to do it unless it guarantees that I will reach 1k every time.


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    It's very possible to hit 1000 points with a three-star team, but with a Fistbuster it's a lot easier. I think you can safely level up Hulkbuster as high as you can and hit 1000 points with ease.
    Though if you want to hit 1000 points regularly you need to learn how to tackle 4* teams. Hulkbuster hits hard, but he's slow and thus works best when paired with someone who can speed him up (Iron Fist) or slow the opposition down (Jean Grey). Fistbuster teams are fairly easy to deal with comparatively - just take out Iron Fist immediately and buy time to deal with Hulkbuster. Also remember that when Hulkbuster uses Overdrive he'll have enough AP for a Repulsor Punch - make sure to put someone disposable in front to take the hit.
    Jeanbusters are a little trickier but follow the same principle - take Jean out first. Obviously that's a little trickier due to her high HP, but it's very doable for a Fistbuster team.
    When you find a high value Fistbuster, take them on! If you lose the point loss will be minimal, so you'll only be out a few health packs at worst.
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