Hero Downed Timer Upcoming Change

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Some of the characters in the game have had their Downed timers (time it takes to return to minimum health from being defeated) set incorrectly when they were released. We’ll be fixing this in an upcoming data patch. This is a relatively minor change, but figured that since it has impact in some positive ways for some characters and some negative ones for others that we wanted to get it out in front of everyone before it goes live. Note that these changes bring them into line with what the other characters of that rarity's timers are, so it's not really arbitrary, just a pure bugfix.

Old -> New
    Ares - 50 minutes to 20 minutes Captain America - 50 minutes to 20 minutes Spider-Man (Bag-Man) - 50 minutes to 20 minutes Moonstone - 50 minutes to 20 minutes Iron Man (Model 40) - 5 minutes to 50 minutes Invisible Woman - 50 minutes to 100 minutes
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