ATPQ Patch Notes (11/05/15) *Updated

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience while we worked to make ATPQ better! The 1.6 update is now available for Android, iOS and Amazon devices.

Version 1.6 - Lots of big changes… let’s get to it!

Character Upgrade System:
    - A new character upgrade system is here! Introducing Upgrade Wishes through Prismo! Every time the player gives Prismo a Pickle - there is a chance a character in their roster will upgrade to the next star level; unlocking new abilities and improving their stats. For example, if you have a Level 30 Bronze Star Finn and make a Wish and get a Silver Star Finn from the Heroes Wish Pack - you will now have a Level 30 Silver Star Finn with a new ability and upgraded stats. - Bronze characters have a chance to upgrade to Silver when opening Land of Ooo packs. - Bronze characters have a chance to upgrade to Silver, and Silver characters to Gold, when opening Heroes and Misfit packs.

More Powerful Characters:
    - Silver and Gold characters are now more powerful than their lower star counterparts. Also, main characters (such as Finn and Jake) are more powerful than grunt characters (like Worms and Goblins) of the same class and star level.

Wish Packs Easier to Read:
    Did you know that you can tap the little button below Wish Packs to see what characters you can recruit? Well, now you know, and from now on, the info presented in that window will be easier to read. It will also tell you how likely you are to get a specific character.

Other Assorted Changes:
    -Various Tutorial changes to make the game easier to understand (and there’s not as much to learn all at once). -When a Trinket or Food item is found for the first time, it then becomes available to craft. -If you don’t have the required materials to craft an item, that item will be dimmed out. -Updated the info on Wish Pickle jars. -Character levels are now displayed on all portraits. -Added an icon to the currency display to indicate that it’s also a button. -Improved the in-game shop. -Improved the Map nodes and Quest descriptions. -Updated display of Tourney reward notifications and added item unlock notifications. -Added a currency display to the end of battle loot screen. -Updated the Recruit and new slot icons in the Roster screen. -Improved Crafting lists for devices of all aspect ratios. -Added new tab artwork and layout to PVE Tourney screens. - Character passive abilities are now more powerful and will have greater impact on combat. - Tournaments are more stable with many corrections to prize distribution. -Several additional bug fixes implemented.


*Updated info that the 1.6 patch is now available for iOS and Kindle devices in addition to Android. (11/12/15).
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