How do I get to Chapter 1

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I've completed every battle in every mission in the Prologue and expected to see Chapter 1 available once I did so. Do I need to get all 4 prizes for each battle or something? Or has only the Prologue been developed so far?


  • No. All post-prologue activity is currently in the "featured" tab. I have a good idea that new missions should be arriving shortly.

    I would recommend for you to look at my guide on mission drops. Find out how much iso-8, covers, and HP you still have left. That should take some time If you haven't already found most of it.

    Remember there is a limit cap of 10 for each boost so don't over Farm them!
  • IceIX wrote:
    The current Event (Unstable Iso-8) is the first of new Episodes post Dark Avengers storyline-wise.

    So it would seem we should expect new mission on Sunday evening (or Monday if you live east of America)
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    Unstable Iso-8 is the first post-Prologue Episode, currently available in the Featured tab. New Episodes aren't planned to follow directly on the tails of one another (although they could). We'll be releasing new content and gameplay variations often, but probably not quite that quickly.
  • Got it. Thanks for letting me know. I'll focus on PVP for a while then.