ISO Tiles and Prize games

I suggest having tiles that generate ISO. I could be a special critical tile that can be created from cashing in environmental tiles or as a replacement or addition to environmental tile. Maybe some tile are outlined in purple. It could be for just for a tournament or something, and it doesn't even have to give a lot. It could work for Hero Points as well. I believe they had this kind of farming in PQ1. It brings in the option of gaining a little more ISO versus attacking the other player.

Another idea is to have a prize game as a possible reward. It would work like finding treasure in PQ2. You can call it scavenging for ISO. The tiles can earn you ISO, HP, Boosts, Heath Packs, a Recruit Token, a Storage Spot, or a specific cover. You could have the player choose only one or two of the last three examples if they earn more to keep it from being too powerful.


  • perhaps every environmental tile match generates 5 iso? i find the enviro tiles are pretty underpowered currently, this might give me a reason to match em icon_e_smile.gif