PvP question with newly leveled roster

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Ok, so I recently leveled up seven of my characters to 166 (Grocket, Cage, Cyclops, Blade, Doom, Hulk, Deadpool) after sitting on tons of iso for quite a while. All of my other characters are lvl 110. On the RedEye PvP tournament I ran 4* Cyclops (base character since I only have 1 cover myself), Grocket(boosted) and Doom (lvl 166). I had few problems beating teams up until around the 700 point mark and I was sitting on a horde of health packs but didn't have to use too many since Grocket could usually heal to full and only had to periodically use them on Doom. I finished the event with around 830 pts. and ranked 2 in the event. I noticed though at the end I ran into a ton of Iron Fist/Hulkbuster maxed level teams. I skipped them as I knew I wouldn't be able to match that firepower but eventually they were the only teams that kept coming up. This prevented me from getting to the 1000 point progression as I didn't want to spend all of my health packs trying to take this combo on. Is this all the top tier of PvP is now, dominated by this team combo? I imagine there isn't much chance to combat it without a developed 4* roster?


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    Warbringa wrote:
    Is this all the top tier of PvP is now, dominated by this team combo?
    No, you also see plenty of teams with Jean Grey and/or Iceman. I much prefer going up against a Fistbuster than a team with two top-tier 4*. At least Iron Fist can be killed fairly quickly and without him to accelerate it takes Hulkbuster a while to get going.
    But to answer your question... to get to 1000 points you are going to have to deal with a lot of Fistbusters. Better start practicing when you have the chance...
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    If you have plenty of health packs, take a shot at one of those teams. If they're worth around 50 points, you'll hardly lose any ground if you screw up. Eventually you're going to have to be able to take on teams like that, so the practice will be good.

    Like Quebbster said, if you take down Iron Fist fast, you buy time to work on HB. If you bring a B/P boost, you only need 3 blue matches to down him with a boosted cMags. You can then work on keeping their red, black and blue matches to a minimum. If you lose, think about whether there was something you could have done better or if it was just a bad cascade.
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