Need Help: A Handful of Bad Choices

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Day 515


Problem: PVP and hitting 1000 consistently without shielding then MAYBE getting it. Do great in PVE if I can hit the refreshes or wipe the board to 1.

I feel like I'm in a **** situation and need a little guidance as it's such a crucial point.

27k ISO
10k HP

Wolverine XForce just got to 5/5/3, lvl 205, Is he worth leveling? I see alot of people saying he's an easy target but personally I avoid him b/c black is so nasty.

Do I spend the 10K to get Nick Fury from 3/4/1 (8 covers) to 12 covers total or wait it out for someone better to get their 3rd color?

I feel like I'm good on 3*s after Iron Fist and MAYBE She-Hulk get leveled. I've seen people say they run She-Hulk to 1000 without issues which is what I really need right now. Thoughts on if she's worth it?

Do I really need to make the rest of the 3* 120s that are currently 95, they don't really seem worth it?

Any other 3* I should be considering or that people would call mandatory to 166?

It feels like alot of bad choices.

On XFW and NF...I know 4* is technically progression but if I'm not netting any defensive wins or gaining additional defensive deterrent then I don't think the mountain of ISO and the real $ it cost me to get that HP is worth it. On the other hand waiting for IMHB blue, Prof X purple, Jean blue could take who knows how long?

Any advice is appreciated, thank you for looking at my thread icon_e_smile.gif



  • TxMooseTxMoose Age Unconfirmed Posts: 4,319 Chairperson of the Boards
    you're way ahead of me on days played (322 here), but i'll give you my opinion fwiw. I'd say no on fury. he's a middle-low tier 4* at this point and I'd only spend on a t5 that's close on a crucial ability (recently bought my 5th red on hb). for xf, I'd wait until i had other options to go with him. he's ok but really only 1 big-time ability in a color where there are lots of other big-time abilities (although most of those are 3*s). i know he, fist, and cmags run well together - cascade machine. but you can run him where he is just as well as if you put 20-30 levels into him.

    as far as your 3*s go, there is another tier that I've used at level 140 to take guys that are solid, but maybe aren't no-brainer 166s. guys like torch, doom, grocket, witch, gsbw, etc. those boost to 200 and can influence who your best team might be for any given week, or at least give you more options.
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    Fury is fun... but yes, he's not worth a 10K HP investment. I also think X-force is sufficiently leveled for now, but do try him out a bit and see if you like him.
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