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    n25philly wrote:
    Mazza wrote:
    In the transition. I'm in s great alliance and it helps, but it can be tough. With all the 4* and even 5* coming out getting 3* to 166 feels a little useless although necessary. Something needs to be done or new players will have it rough I think.

    I realized what a joke trying to transition is right around when Iceman came out. It was a day or two after he was released and I was doing pvp in futility because the 3* available was someone I had in my roster. I hadn't gotten to for when out of curiosity I decided to look at the rosters of the people at top. The top shown all already had shields going and I looked at all the rosters. Not only did everyone have rosters full of fully leveled or nearly full, but the guy in the top spot already had a fully leveled iceman already! How do you expect to get even a top 100 finish to get one cover (which would have been more than enough to make me happy) when you have to compete with that when you're top characters are 2*'s?

    Needless to say I'll play PVP until I get the first token and if I have time the first 25hp and then don't waste any more time on it. (if I play it at all)

    Not to mention that when you do save up 4* or 5* for later it messes up the scaling badly. Progression is punished.
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    nexusgrim wrote:
    Am I the only one here who's been stuck in the 2-3* transition for a stupidly long amount of time?

    I only ever purchase hp for roster slots as frankly I have better things to spend coin on than in app purchases.

    Still, last anniversary I got quite a good haul of 3* characters. Over time I have ended up with maxed out level 2's and I have a multitude of 3* covers and a couple 4* but none anywhere near fully covered. My highest two are Captain Marvel and Kamala Khan.

    It feels like I'm stuck in this transition with no sign of things improving. I can't battle events well enough to earn rewards to boost my position as my team is lacking in power, and it seems such rewards get further away not closer to being attainable.

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    Just keep going. The 3* transition is by far the longest, and I was in your shoes for what felt like a really long time. I got into a good Alliance, kept up on my DPD and honestly looked up one day recently and noticed that I need exactly 1 Doc Ock black cover to have my 3* roster fully covered.

    DPD is awesome, but honestly the good Alliance made the biggest difference. I went from being in my old super causal alliance where we never got alliance rewards to getting multiple 3* covers every single event.
  • Thanks so much for the advice guys its really appreciated. I'm gonna look at joining another alliance and see what happens from there. icon_e_biggrin.gif
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