What would of made fantastic four better?

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in the beginning, i think was fine up to the stupid science fair seriously what were they doing there and why did they bring the dirt sample with them? i think it would of been better with it being a post high school science convention type deal, that storm choose to see since he was intrigued when he was notified/or browsing info on his free time looking for talent on his lunch break or car ride, then he can come with the sample.
as for reed and grimm i think their Elementary school meeting is fine but grimm needed to to get involved with the yancy street gang and meet with richards when he needed some "hard to find" pieces of equipment only condition was not to forget about him when he gets famous. this could tie in grimm better and lead in to some problems grim needs to help fix the yancy street gang as the thing since grimm abruptly left to them, now as their leader. he could have hopped out of the airplane on route to a mission saying he has some business to attend to before exiting in bad **** fashion maybe when a loveable secondary character gets kidnapped by a rival gang.
for the incident
I'm fine with richards leaving the group after the incident( but dr. storm is called once the test begins and gets a lethal blast as sue went with them. he gets a lethal does of re-entry radiation which he slowly dies from making the military hesitant to rebuild and go there), but not as the mess he was unsure and pathetic. it would of been better if he was secretly working on cures for them, at least for ben. this could of been hinted at when reviewing thing footage when a blur goes across the screen behind ben in the middle of the action they check he after the fact and find out that a sample was taken, which could cue the sudden urgency for sue to finally start tracking the mysterious blur.
sue told Reed how she tracks looking for patterns so reed could of set up multiple false paths cause he knew eventually be tracked by her. Each one buying time and secretly gathering information on them, always 5 steps ahead of them. he then is meanwhile uses his machine to go back to planet zero to look for victor, cause they left him, not a year later maybe about 1-2 months( they haven't stabilized the other two yet and can only temporary stabilize them for 8 hours at most before they need to put them to sleep for the remainder of the day), maybe even reaching out to the yancy street gang connections he made which leads to the secondary character getting caught which ben finds out when he rescues him informing the group that they need to focus on finding richards . but victor has been warped by the new power ( mostly Energy) turning bitter lashing out at reed when he tries to rescue victor, injuring him/ soundly defeating him and telling him that the other team is getting close to coming back there and he will use it to go back to earth to destroy it but reed saved him the trouble by coming first but then narrowly escapes. he needs help. cue the find me pattern and they finally pick up richards injured clutching a bag that has been shown in the lab earlier.
In the bag he developed the suits to stabilize the other two members by collecting data from a device planted on grimm and the previous dead ends. why he left? he had to get victor they left him there. this focus the movie and reeds relays what happened. then He gives ben a cure but the cure is linked to the planet zero which is controlling victor and would need to be destroyed so he needs to use it before they fight as his cure is linked to the planet. They need to get past the military as they ant the new resource for themselves but with grimm out of the fight the out come looks questionable at best when facing down victor. they go fight victor escalating the fight at each turn forcing the planet to infuse more and more into victor over powering them. Richards has sue hold off victor while the torch destroy their vessel just as ben over whelmed the military on the other side maybe with some computer inference from the yancy street member he rescued earlier( a hacker as that is how richards has been contacting him) with don't mess with yancy street coming up over the screens. they try to call the pod back but no response ben bolts off to reeds hide out. this is now a no going back situation and they regroup for their last stand then almost overloading victor but not quite and victor catches on with their ploy, sue she the flash of something in the distance and cloaks it fearing hapless miltary personel sent to die, but then grim comes through, sue tells the torch something from their childhood that they talked about earlier maybe by making certain things invisible to communicate while being pinned down. (when they had the funeral for dr. storm since he died from the radiation instead of doom they survived due to getting splashed by the planet energy goo on their escape.)Enter ben( the leader of the yancy street gang never backs down from a fight), from richard's device with the cure, as the thing taps in to dooms power by latching on to him while being cloaked as doom was distracted by reed (reed could of been contacted by sue breaking tiny shields on reed in Morse code) and torch. ben then becomes a giantic mountainous creature as the rocks are drawn to him like how doom used the rocks to pin him down, injecting doom with the cure having his body solidify, from the mostly energy form, then lays down the "its clobbering time" after they both transform and splits the planet in half destroying it?(depowering the thing) they race over to reeds device and book it as the thing crubbles out of the gigantic form narrowly making it out with victor's body. they get new lab secretly as they were still secret from the public.

Ben banks on richards finding another way since he did make a portal to another dimension in his garage while he was in elementary school from spare parts and sue warms up to richards, impressed by him being always ahead of her impressive intellect and finding a way to stabilize her and her brothers power while on the run with minimal supplies. victor wakes up at the end in field hospital eyes open - end credits, after credits victor slowly donning the characteristic hood and slouching in throne, plotting as the new ruler of Latveria.

long read hope it made sense what do you think would have made the movie better or if it was beyond saving?

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