Hulkbuster/Falcap the anti SS squad

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I still tested SS today and HB/falcap gave me the better odds to down SS consistently.. 4 times in 5 tries.. Yellow falc shields soften SS match dmg.. HB keep providing reds in drove (with black and blue) until you re reaching the magic number..28 reds.. 2 red dives and Its over..It may seem high but even with a bad board you collect that pretty quickly.. Now i have a better grasp at what SS is.. Clearly his high health and match dmg are his main assets.. His black is interesting but not a game changing ability even at 5. His red is meh atm (only 3.7 k).. Should be more valuable over 4 covers.. His blue is good but if you tap SS only at the end you ll see the ai keep healing SS even if he is at full strength..hilarious..
Edit: against a 11 cover ss, things didnt go that well.. Match damage is insane.. 465 for a blue tile matched.. On a cascade i lost 9k!!! i still nearly dropped him twice but the extra dmg and extra health are a killer now..


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    all you need is winfinite prof x it takes a while but its not too hard.
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    all you need is winfinite prof x it takes a while but its not too hard.
    Except with those characters, your chances of getting down by match damage before you get enough purple, is pretty high.
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    I went again maxed SS.. 3 are available as of now.. 1 legit.. Others are fishy.. Anyway.. Except an absurd dose of luck, going against a maxed SS without a viable SS is suicide.. Even with buffed maxed 4* odds are pretty slim.. Conclusion.. Under 9 covers, SS is a giant shield meat.. 10-11 can be handled with buffed 4*.. 12-13 just unbeatable except with a maxed SS of your own.. oddly enough, his powers are meh.. And you can easily deny his colors.. His red is pretty poor.. 8k+ Dmg at 5..What killed me every time is match damage.. 1500+ for 3 blue tiles.. Its just not sustainable.. I have to admit SS is head and shoulders above any combination i can field.. With a good board and some great luck i may beat a maxed SS after an epic fight of 6-7 mns just to get a retal 30 s later.. Better option.. Skip..
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    I was attacked by a maxed Surfer in the Simulator and decided to try to retaliate. Used a Captain Marvel/Cyclops combo with Iron Fist as the third - Surfer's match damage was high enough to keep Marvel generating red and black so Cyclops could blast surfer. Worked well.