Solution to "old" ability use system/display

I know you (mods/devs) are well aware of people screaming for the old ability useage style. From what I've been able to glean from reading the rants, and for me personally, it isn't the single-tap vs. double-tap for ability useage that irks me - it is the loss of the "Current AP" level when I hit a particular color tile. That is what I believe we miss the most.

I know you, and others, have said - "Just swipe right!" - but it feels against the natural flow of gameplay if I'm only looking for one specific tile.

I would suggest that maybe a tile-count bubble on the top-right corner of the color's ability popup that is perminent. If I'm going for an 11AP ability and I have a 6AP ability that is ready, it hides the previoiusly desplayed count. THAT is the crux of the frustration.

Hope this helps.


  • Honestly, I wouldn't even mind "swiping right" if it didn't feel so clunky. At least for me on a tablet, it doesn't swipe sometimes, having me to try to do it multiple times.

    Also, with the new system you get "misfires" for clicking too fast. Never had that on the old system. By that, I mean if you select a tile than hit "go" too fast, it actually thinks you pressed what's underneath because the "go' button hasn't fully loaded yet, even tho you can see it on screen.

    Maybe it's just because my tablet is slow, but I never had these issues with the old system.
  • Just show all AP at all times... we need to know what the opponent has in order to figure out which one is more important for us to deny.