Nerfs and cash grabs

The Ironman changes from the 10/9 patch need to go away. The damage profile (dmg/point) is basically identical and it doesn't change anything about solo or vs matches except for making them less interesting and raising the number of matches to launch a special. This translates to extra time on a platform (mobile) that is best in bite sized chunks.

I guess that having a fun to use free character that fought like the character he was based on was costing you premium cover sales and we couldn't have that. Instead of being a quick low/mid damage brawler he's just another charge up cannon. Yay?

Beyond changing characters that people put hours into developing and enjoying you're also going straight for nickel and dining too with the heal pool change. Making sure that I play less is sure going to make me want to spend more money. GG.

The random cover unlocks + escalating collection slot costs was already kind of annoying, but I ignored it. Now by the end of the week I expect special attacks to cost HP to execute.

I was playing and spending, now, not so much.


  • Yeah I don't see why they would change from 6 to 4 heals either. It was already too low / long of recharge time anyways. Not to mention how impossible hero points are to get without buying anything. I also noticed they changed the cost to upgrade my collection size from 50HP to 100HP. At this rate I will never be able to get any of the HP packs because I will always have to save them just to have enough room for more cards.